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Red Healer
This was drawn by red pen, then shaded in pencil, it was my first time drawing in pen...

And I must say I did well...hopefully I will improve later on!~
Piece of Me Missing
...Well I'm an idiot, it turns out I didn't leave my 2017 drawing book behind..

At least I didn't ACTUALLY leave my drawing book. Or else I would've lost my mind for good for the year.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the picture!~
Ehh...old art?
...The more I look at this, the more I hate my last year self...And the fact how much cringe-edge I was...

At least I'm better now

2016 Art...Is probably the worst art I ever done...

Plus the fact I accidentally left my better drawings of this year at a swimming comp.....

...Well done me...
(May or may not contain tons of OOCness and may or may not be made and edited just for readers, and was copy and pasted from my account on Quotev..)

“I REFUSE TO BABYSIT YOUR OLDER BROTHER!” A shout was heard early in the morning.

“Listen bella, I-a can’t leave my-a fratello by himself, the-a lasttime I did. He maxed out-a my credit card!” Luciano explained.

“Well why can’t you just ask someone else to take care of him?” She complained.

Just as he was about to reply, or more likely to complain back. He was cut off by some loud bangs until one big loud bang ceased that noise. It was if a metal door was being banged by some blunt weapon, before it was finally taken off.

“HERE’S ALLEN!” An American voice filled the other line, Y/n simply face-palmed at the familiar American.

The American was about to say something again, before there was a sound of shoving before it was replaced by a ‘clank’. The only possible scenario that Y/n could think of, was that one of the other Axis quickly pushed Allen before quickly replaced it with something to hold the ‘Allies’ off. But couldn’t figure out who it was between the German man or the Japanese man, since one’s stronger than the other, but the strongest is simply a lazy A-Soul.

“That-a should explain it-a” Luciano was cut off by a familiar German accent.

“Luciano, zhe Allies are breaking in ve need to go now!”

Luciano then groaned, while Y/n already knew what was happening.

She then sighed in defeat, since she didn’t want some of her friends getting killed by their enemy. Or her friends as well.

“Fine, Ill take care of your fratello, when is he coming?”

There was some inaudible shouts, from the other line, ones she couldn’t make out. Until she finally got a reply.

“Right now-a, grazie and-a ciao!” and then he hung up in a hurry.

Y/n stood still on the very spot she had that conversation. Until throwing her phone somewhere, most likely somewhere safe like on the couch. And ran off for the cleaning supplies.

As she ran through her house she noticed how messy it was, and how much dust had been collected in 'the forgotten spots'. 

"Great, another utensil I need to find to' she said sarcastically in her mind before focusing back onto her main goal.

Mini Timeskip -=-=-=-

In a small amount of time, she was at the front of her garage door. She slammed it open, only to be met by something about to collide with her body. She yelped as the object collided with her body, letting a small dust cloud rise, she didn't bother to look at it, and shoved it off. Not knowing of the consequences later on..

She began searching through the garage, taking out each of the utensils she needed to clean the house. After a while of searching, she got everything. She got out, and immediately went to start cleaning.


She gazed at her newly-cleaned room she just finished cleaning. She was indeed proud of herself, after all her house needed a bit of cleaning. 

She just put away all her cleaning utensils, now she was walking back to the living room. 

As she walked, she passed by a mirror, not caring, but her eyes caught a glimpse of herself. She stopped in her tracks, retracing a step or two where the mirror was. She now looked at herself.

She was simply a mess, dust decorated her hair and face, a few random things were caught in her hair. Her clothes still had a dust mark where that object that collided with her earlier, along with a few dust spots here and there. 

She just realised why it caught her eye, and that was herself. After all....

Flavio wouldn't want that...

Just as she was about to make a run for the bathroom a familiar sound echoed in her home.



Y/n's skin paled, the atmosphere seemed to have dropped by a lot. She felt a chill go through her spine and soul. A cloud of gloom surrounded her, as she hung her head in dread.

'Im so screwed...'

She stayed like that for awhile. Shortly she made her way to he door. Since she wasn't willing to let the Italian worry.

She then took a deep breath, she moved her hand to open the door, hesitating slightly to turn the door knob. Until she pushed her tiny protests away and got ready to suffer the consequences. She took one final deep breath, and twisted the knob.

There stood the blonde Italian man, that she had to 'babysit'.

Y/n could tell he was about to say 'hello' in his native tongue, until he noticed the mess she was. His curl then seemingly crumpled.

For a moment, he stared at her, examining every inch of dust on her, as if he was an art critic judging every inch of a statue. Y/n could feel his eyes, she slightly tensed under his stare, she started making up scenarios of how this could possibly end.

That was until, he then invited himself in, dragging her along, and slamming the door shut behind the two.

"Bella! What-a did you do to-a yourself?! You''re HIDEOUS!" Flavio shrieked the last word, as if a female encountered a rodent of dome sort.

Y/n quickly thought of ways she could respond and see their ending possibilities. But none seemed to work out better than saying half the truth.

"I was just preparing for you..." it was true that she was preparing for him, but it was mostly because the sake of him being comfortable on his stay. But it was also because...

She needed some sort of motivation to clean up, since she knew her house became a bit more messier than usual.

Flavio was flattered. But knew she could've done better than that.

"I'm-a flattered, but you! You-a look don't even have the words to-a express what you look like!" He then grabbed her shoulders. A stern look on his face.

She stared at him for a moment, before sighing, brushing off his hands off her shoulders after. She looked back at him.

"I'm fine, I can just shower and change into new clothes then everything will be ok" she insisted before taking her leave.

But that leave was cut short by a reached out hand, grabbing her arm .

"Nope! You-a tried so hard to flatter me, I-a should repay you with a nice-a makeover!" 

After saying those words, Y/n's world turned upside down, she was going to have to go through something she didn't want to happen. She was going to have her face covered in various powders and creams.

SHE would HAVE to wear something that HE chose.

SHE was going to have to LISTEN to HIS latest findings on pointless GOSSIP.

SHE had to take car of HIM.

SHE had to RUN from HIM.

SHE had to do that NOW.

In a heartbeat, she jerked her arm away from him, before making a sprint to the other hallway.

Flavio, took a moment to process what had just happened, until he shouted at her.

"Y/N L/N! COME-A BACK HERE THIS INSTANT!" And that gentle-souls and soul-ladies, is what the relationship of Y/n and Flavio.

So far...

One thing that Y/n knew about the Italian brothers, is that they can run EXTREMELY fast. Most likely faster than the worlds fastest cheetah...or not.

It didn't even take a minute for Flavio to catch sight of her running figure.

Y/n glanced behind her, only to see him a few meters behind. She then turned her head back to focus on her main objective, 'Getting away from Flavio’.

She then pumped her legs harder than she usually runs, and became much faster, a speed that could only be achieved if you were inhuman or ,if you were one of the Italian Brothers.

She twisted and turned through her maze-like hallways, she kept doing that in her inhuman state, until she decided to look back again.

Only this time, he wasn’t there…

‘Screw the clich-’ Her thoughts were cut off by herself quickly skidding to a stop.

But sadly, Flavio, was already in front of her, and caught her as she skidded right to him. Already keeping a firm grip on her. It may not look like it, but, he’s pretty strong, but not as strong as his younger brother.

Y/n secretly blushed in his grip, she did somehow have a small crush on him. She didn't know how or why, all she knew she had a crush on him.

“I-a got you now bella!~ Now-a then, time for your makeover!~” He announced to her.

Flavio then began to mumbling words to himself as he dragged her to the living room. The only words she could make out were him calling himself ‘Fabulous Flavio’ and brands of either clothing or make-up.

He settled her down on the couch, but leaving one hand on her so she can’t escape, and grabbed a pink hairbrush.

‘How did he?-‘ her thoughts were cut off when she noticed a large  magenta coloured bag on one of the seats.

‘Oh…he must’ve gotten it from his custom pink car…as I was running…’ her thoughts soon started to descend into the darker depths into her mind.

While that happened Flavio started to begin his makeover.

Awhile later…..

Y/n’s living room was no longer clean nor normal. It looked like the leftovers of a teenaged girls sleepover. Various utensils were scattered across the coffee table, clothing were scattered across the floor. Finally a still-busy Flavio and an unamused Y/n, sitting in a dress.

Now dear Y/n, was mostly a calm person, and rarely gets pissed. Normally it would've gone up to, and stayed annoyed.

Y/n looked everywhere in here living room, it was absolutely disgusting, she never wore make-up unless it’s for a trick of some sort, special occasion, or just for some sort of costume.

Everything felt heavy on her face, she could feel every single coat of what ever on her face burning her alive. Most importantly she just wanted to relax, with some problems coming from Flavio every now and then,since it was normal,  not THIS.

‘That’s it…I HAD ENOUGH!’ She agreed with her own mind and stood up.

She clawed at her face, which removed all the coats of powders and creamsoff her face, it felt as if she could finally breath after being in a thick atmosphere. She then ripped off a baby pink ribbon in her hair, letting her hair rest in satisfaction. For the finishing touch, she ripped off the pink dress of, allowing her body to be released from the tightness of it.

“I had enough Flavio…” She spoke in a serious tone, keeping her cool demeanour.

“Whaaat?! No! You-a ruined everything now I have to-a start all over aga-“ He was about to get up to get ahold of her, but she cut him off.

“Go into another room, and don't come out until your brother comes back” she asked again, growing a bit more irritated.

“But you-“ She had no choice but to scare him off. Despite all the protests in her mind.

“NOW!” She raised her voice, and in a heartbeat, he picked up all his things in a minute, everything was spotless and he immediately left.

She didn’t fall back on her back on the couch until she heard adoor open then close, that was when she finally could relax.

She was alone now, everything was silent, only the ticking of the clock could be heard, as time slowly passes through the now silent house.

She didn’t mean to shout at him. But she couldn’t think of anything else that wouldn’t involve her being violent. Or her being captured again. 

She ran a hand through her now silky h/c hair. She then turned over on the couch so she was now facing the back supporter of the couch. Not wanting to expose her face into the now cold room, filled with guilt and regret.

And the very faint scent of make-up products.

Soon enough, she fell asleep, small yet, silent snores erupted out of her.

Meanwhile with Flavio…

He was on social media, with all the clothing and make-up products from popular brands, his company’s products, surrounding him. He wasn’t himself, he was silent, as he scrolled through various photos or images. He would expect to find something to make him feel better, which usually the method worked, but now, it didn’t. He sighed until he turned his phone off.

He turned his body so he’s now on his back, facing the blindinglight. He covered his eyes with an arm. He was greeted by thedarkness, and his thoughts.

Everypart of his body held some sort of negative emotion, like guilt, sadness, anger, regret…the list goes on…

The rusty gears in his brain finally began to think, for once. He then made his mind up, he was going to apologise to Y/n.

He got up from the bed he was laying on the entire time, and opened thedoor. He expected her to come running up or at least yell at him to go back inside. But, he was met by a dimly lit, hallway.

He began walking through the hallway.

He soon came across the living room, all the negative emotions began to rise inside him. But he pushed it away all the negativity away to the never ending depths of his mind. He took a deep breath and was about to speak.

Only to be cut of by a silent snore…

There laid, a sleeping Y/n, slightly drooling, twitching ever so slightly. He stared for a bit, before smiling softly…

While also taking a few hundred pictures…

After that, he ACTUALLY began to do what he intended to do. He quickly retraced his steps to find a spare room, and stole it’s blanket and pillows, and neatly and carefully put the pillow under Y/n’s head, and placed the blanket on her body.

He then moved to the kitchen, where the main thing he intended to do was there.

He began cooking, doing everything he needed to do, in order to cook his national food.

Mean while with Y/n….

She was still sleeping, but that was until her nose twitched from the scent of food. She began to stir awake, until she was fully awake. She rubbed her eyes, so she could see clearly see. She then sat up. Only to be hit by a wave full of flavour. She decided to investigate the smell.

She stood up, wrapping the blanket around her figure, because she was still cold from earlier. She walked through the kitchen door, the scent of flavour even stronger than before. She found Flavio still cooking. His back was still turned to her, until he finally turned around, he probably felt like he was being watched.

“Did-a you sleep well bella?” He asked.

“…Yes…” She mumbled.

She then turned her head to what he was cooking knowing it was pasta straight away. Flavio noticed, and answered the unspoken question for her.

“I thought you’d be hungry…so I’m cooking pasta”.

“It’s nearly done” He continued while looking back at the still cooking food.

She nodded at her head and was about to walk out again, until she was being hugged from behind by Flavio. This caught Y/n by surprise, she was blushing, as an unnoticed light dust of pink was on Flavio's cheeks.

“And-a…I’m sorry…about-a earlier…I guess I-a got too excited” he finished.

They stood like that for a moment, until Y/n finally spoke up.

“It’s fine…but can you let go? I want my comfort zone back…” He obeyed and let go.

Y/n felt the need to stay, but knew she needed him to finish cooking. Flavio was also disappointed not getting to hug her warmth longer.

The rest of the night, was peaceful, the two enjoyed pasta together, watching movies on TV, talking a bit.

During a movie. the protagonist was about to kiss his love interest. Y/n's head was leaning on Flavio's shoulder, as a cushion. The two characters kissed, making Y/n's head come off Flavio's shoulder to see the scene better. Meanwhile, Flavio already planned what to do.

He took his hand and rested it under Y/n's chin, before turning her head to face him. His thumb brushed her bottom lip. By this point the two's minds were racing, both blushing, but Y/n blushed brighter than Toni's tomatoes. And before she knew it, the two's lips were connected. The two melted into the kiss.

After what seemed like centuries, they both parted lips. Both blushed furiously, but Y/n taking the win.

"Ti amo, bella"

"I love yo-"

KNOCK KNOCK! "Oi fratello, lets go already!" another familiar Italian voice cut off Y/n.

Y/n felt a pout come on, until Flavio placed a quick peck on the cheek before getting up to the door.

"Ciao il mio amore, see you soon!~" And with that he left.

A smile decorated Y/n's face, before getting up to get ready for bed. Knowing, that her secret crush liked her.
Unexpected Babysit (Flavio X Reader)
Uh..hello people of other universes...Im SCP or Soul.

I have been meaning to make account on here for awhile, and now I finally do.

I do hope you enjoy this one-shot I made a few months ago for school...
which was edited quite a bit for the readers and got it off from my Quotev account...

I hope you dear souls enjoy the crappy and cringe worthy things I bring here...

Hetalia belongs to Himaruya Hidekazu 

And you dear reader belong to Flavio!~

Anyways...I hope you enjoyed yourselves/torturing yourselves!


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